Saturday, June 1, 2013

Still Life With Robin: The Free-flowing Month of May

by Peggy Robin (who gave away one of the items on the list below)

Now that June has started I was looking back over the Cleveland Park Listserv's last month of messages and was struck by the high number of giveaways in May. Not just your normal giveaways, either: you know, the usual books and box springs and aged National Geographics. I'm talking a canoe trailer, for heaven's sake. Even in "tony" Cleveland Park, people don't give away this kind of stuff every day. You can't make this stuff up, but you can quantify it, and that's what I'm doing right now.

Here's everything that was given away (some of it donated to schools, nursing homes, and other good causes) via the Cleveland ParkListserv from May 1st - 31st, 2013, by category:

Couches, Tables, Chairs, Beds, Parts of Houses/Yards:
Overstuffed butter yellow loveseat
Air hockey table
3-seat sofa
Ikea Malm queen bed frame
Desk chair
Ironing board in cabinet ("ironing center") 
A door - originally from Yenching Palace Restauant 
"Gossip bench" - a 70-inch custom sofa 
Weber gas grill 
Crib mattress 
Whirlpool electric clothes dryer 
Vacuum cleaner 
Chaise longue
Outdoor coffee table 
A Sukkah (if you don't know what that is, see: and
Queen box spring 
Full box spring & metal bed frame 
Full box spring
End table 
Premium faux wood blinds 
Youth bed
Queen mattress
2 desk chairs
Coffee table
2 end tables
Towel warmer
Pea gravel, enough to cover 20 x 20 area, 3 inches deep
Dog bed
3 baby gates
Queensize futon/mattress
Queensize Ikea bed and mattress

Flowers & Plants:
Rhododendron - 36 inches tall
Snow drops
Blue-eyed grass & recycle basket
More blue-eyed grass
Ground cover: vinca and liriope
4 bags of Lemon Queen sunflower plants

Kid's bike
Ladies' bike
Canoe/kayak trailer

Books, Magazines, Other Media:
Kids' books
Vinyl records - 80+ mostly classical
Stack of magazines
100+ CDs
Restoration Hardware catalogs
National Geographic magazines
Records - 33 rpms - mainly opera singers
100 books
Magazines of all kinds

Food & Drink:
Protein shake mix
A fruit tart and a sour cream coffee cake
Spices and cooking staples

Electronics & Office Supplies:
4 GB memory stick card
Dell ink cartridges
More Dell ink cartridges
3-ring binders
Flatbed scanner
HD digital to analog TV signal converter
Stereo components
13-inch TV with digital converter
Chumby clock (described here: )

Wolf Trap tickets
1 ticket to Arena Stage play

Miscellaneous and Hard-to-Classify:
2 galvanized metal buckets
Ice cream box from South Mountain Creamery (I'm not really sure what this is, but it was very quickly taken!)
Rechargeable bike light
Paper egg cartons
80 bricks
Prom dress
Infant bath tub
Rolling backpack
Large dog crate
Ceramic water cooler stand

One day we'll have to organize a Great Cleveland Park Listserv Giveaway Lottery, which will work like this: List members can put their email addresses into the lottery, and those who wish to give away anything on the listserv within the one-month donation window will agree that their giveaway items will go to the winner of the lottery. After one month has passed, we will draw an email address from a hat (and include the hat in the giveaway!) and the lucky (?) winner will get everything on the list for that month -- and must agree to take it! No re-gifting allowed!


Still Life with Robin is published on Saturdays on the Cleveland Park Listserv,, and on All Life Is Local.

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