Saturday, August 17, 2013

Still Life With Robin: I Hope You Are Not Reading This Indoors

Photo by Thomas S. Mann
by Peggy Robin

What in the name of all that's right am I doing indoors typing on a computer? It's the most gorgeous day ever in Washington, DC. I hope anyone reading this is doing so many hours on, getting caught up on their morning's email. If it's still Saturday morning when you are reading this, I hope you are just taking a little break in your canoe trip down a lazy river, or your hike along the Billy Goat Trail, or whatever pleasant exertion you have found to keep you outdoors on this brilliantly blue-skied and temperate August day.

If you want the proof of the rarity of this splendid weather, consider that the average high for this day is 87 degrees F and the record high is a blistering 105. Consider that for the month of August so far we have had just 23 ninety-degree days this year, when the average for DC by this date is 36, and in 2010 we tied the record at 67. (These stats courtesy of Capital Weather Gang,

Why am I telling you this? I was just getting a few notes in while waiting for my new waterproof swimming device to charge. Then I can swim while listening to music or podcasts. If you swim laps, this is the greatest invention ever. It turns the most mindless, boring exercise into brain-engaging pleasure:

And the charging light is green! Gotta go....


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