Saturday, September 21, 2013

Still Life With Robin: Book Days and Knights

Petrarch (Public Domain)
by Peggy Robin

There's too much going on this weekend for me to turn in a long column. There's the National Book Festival going on right now on the Mall -- -- and I want to get down there before it starts to rain. I know I can go again tomorrow, when -as the Capital Weather Gang assures us- it will return to being "the blissful stuff" that we've enjoyed for the past few weeks. The urgency for me to go this year is that it looks to be the last year for a while that the annual book-stravaganza will be held on the Mall -- see for the (somewhat speculative) story.

Of course, I could always go tomorrow, but Sunday looks to be the perfect day for a trip to the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville (near Annapolis). If you've never been to a Renaissance Festival before, grab your cloak and jerkin and hie thee thither (directions and other info at . . . or wear whatever you like and rent a costume when you arrive. Or just wander around in your usual 21st century fashion and smile at all the other festival-goers and participants suited up in anything they imagine may have been worn from the 1200s to the 1700s (the term "Renaissance" is interpreted veerrry broadly) or worn in any fantasy/swashbuckler/pirate movie they've ever seen.

Away I go....


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