Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Capital Shower Share Launches Today

The Cleveland Park Listserv has received a press release from Capital Shower Share, a joint venture created by a private/public partnership of the local Council of Governments, local gym/spa owners, and Capital Bike Share. For everyone who has ever hesitated to use Capital Bike Share, especially in the warm weather, out of the fear of arriving at their destination all hot, sweaty, and smelly, Capital Shower Share offers welcome relief at an affordable price.

Here’s part of the official announcement from the Capital Shower Share Partnership (which would like to be known familiarly as CapShowParts):

“Today, Capital Shower Share brings a much-needed service to bicyclists in the Nation’s Capital. Six shower-equipped vehicles will be parked at selected high-traffic Capital Bike Share locations. Each Capital Shower Share van will be equipped with six private stalls and enough water to provide showers for 12 hours of continuous use. DC residents no longer have to make a trade-off between being environmentally responsible and fit, and sweaty and malodorous. With Capital Shower Share, people who bike to offices, restaurants, or meeting places will be able to enter clean and refreshed.

“Capital Shower Share is a product of two years’ research and is funded by a cooperative grant with the Environmental Protection Agency and the law firm of Stern, Haley, Christopher & Quaid, whose lawyers were tired of feeling gross and sticky when they got to work, especially in the hot summer months. Capital Shower Share incorporates technologically advanced solar-powered hot water heaters and solar-powered blow dryers in each shower -- no towels are needed.”

Here’s how Capital Shower Share works, according to the announcement: “Capital Bike Share members, after returning their bikes, will be able to use their Capital Bike Share card to unlock the door to the shower van. Only Capital Bike Share members will be able to use Capital Shower Share; those who rent bikes using just a credit card will be denied access, no matter how sweaty they are. In addition, you need to have rented a bike within the past two hours to be able to use a Capital Shower Share shower. Once inside the shower van, your Capital Bike Share card will also unlock the door to your combination shower/changing room/locker. If any of the six shower stalls are occupied, an electronic sign on the outside of the shower van will display the estimated wait time for the stalls in use. To save energy and maximize availability, each shower will be limited to 4 minutes and 55 seconds.”

The announcement contains many more details about the rules for members, including: the required use of disposable shower shoes (provided); a list of permitted and prohibited soaps and shampoos; policy on singing (allowed, but lyrics must be family-friendly); and rubber duckies -- no larger than 6 inches long, 4 inches high, and 3.5 inches wide. Other types or sizes of bathing toys may be permitted upon acceptance of a completed special exception application, available online.

The complete press release, which includes a link to all the full set of CapShowParts membership rules and the online registration form, is available on the web at http://tinyurl.com/cmqa52t.

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