Thursday, July 24, 2014

Get Out! - The Events Column

Fort Reno photo by National Park Service
We wanted to share some events and activities that list members might be interested in. Have a great weekend -- and week beyond, too. If you know of an event that the 14,000+ members of the Cleveland Park Listserv should know about, email us at events @

Peggy Robin and Bill Adler
Publishers, Cleveland Park Listserv  

Thursday, July 24 from 7 - 9:30 PM, Fort Reno Concert Series, with bands: Title Tracks; The Effects; Myrrh Myrrh. Free. At Fort Reno Park, 40th & Chesapeake Sts. opposite Wilson HS,  

Friday, July 25 at 2 PM, Discussion: “A World of Hurt: What Makes People Around the World Support Torture?” led by George Mason University Professor Jeremy Mayer. Free. Seabury at Friendship Terrace, 4201 Butterworth Place NW.  

Saturday, June 14 from 10 AM - 2 PM, Peirce Mill in Operation. Join the Friends of Peirce Mill and the National Park Service for children’s games, tours and videos.10 AM - 4 PM Visitor Center open; 20-min video showing the mill as it would have operated in the 19th century.11 AM - 2PM, Watch the waterwheel work and the corn grinding millstone turn corn into cornmeal.11 AM - 4 PM Games for children including a self-guided treasure hunt (with small prize), water flow and gravity, checkers, corn husk doll making and others from the milling period. For more information on Peirce Mill:  

Saturday, July 16 at 1 PM, “Lucretia, Frederick, and Abraham.” Journalist and independent scholar Jamie Stiehm discusses her research on the life and work of abolitionist, suffragist and social reformer, Lucretia Mott. Free. At Georgetown Library,3260 R St. NW,  

Sunday, July 27 at 1 PM, Children's Tea & Talk with American Girl Author Valerie Tripp. Learn about the inspiration and development behind Ms. Tripp's American Girl series with an interactive presentation for children and parents. After the presentation guests will have a meet & greet with Ms. Tripp, make a 19th century craft, and enjoy tea, lemonade and cookies. Children are encouraged to bring their dolls to enjoy the tea as well! Ms. Tripp will be signing books and dolls during the tea. At Dumbarton House, 2715 Q Street, NW. Tickets: $10 General Admission $5; NSCDA or Museum Members. Reserve at or call 202-337-2288.

Monday, July 28, from 7 - 9:30 PM, Fort Reno Concert Series, with bands: Black SparksStereosleepThe Raised by Wolves. Free. At Fort Reno Park, 40th & Chesapeake Sts. opposite Wilson High School,  

Tuesday, July 29 at 6 PM, “Twelve Things You Ought to Know About the War of 1812 in Washington, Baltimore and New Orleans,” with journalist, author and tour guide Anthony Pitch. At Decatur House, 748 Jackson Place NW. Free - but please reserve at:  

Wednesday, July 30 at 7 PM, “Summer of 2014 in 45 Minutes or Less: A Seminar for Out-of-the-Loop Singles.” If you have ever experienced the phenomenon of not recognizing a song that everyone around you knows, or feeling out-of-it when the talk is all about the summer’s blockbuster movie, or you keep missing the references to some kooky reality show everyone’s into …but you have no desire to actually sit through any of this stuff, then you need this crash course in the summer’s hot-button cultural references. Don’t waste time listening to 99.5 to catch Pharrell singing “Happy” and don’t bother ordering Edan Lepucki’’s new dystopian beach read, “California.” And save yourself from spending 2 hours at the movies watching Snowpiercer, when you can find out all you need to know -- character names, plot points, attitudes to take -- in less than an hour by attending this event. You’ll also meet others like you who want to sound as if they care when they actually don’t ... or you would meet these folks, if this turned out to be a real seminar, instead of this week’s fake event. 

Thursday, July 31 at 7 PM, “Public Space 101.” Chris Shaheen of the DC Office of Planning tells everything you need to know about how DC regulates the use of public space. Free. Georgetown Library, 3260 R St NW, 

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