Friday, July 18, 2014

Still Life With Robin: Vote for the Best!

by Peggy Robin
Scoop from Nicecream Factory

Today’s column is out a day early to give everyone due notice of a great event – and an election – taking place tomorrow, Saturday from 1 PM – 4 PM at Union Market. It’s the great DC Scoop Ice Cream Giveaway and Competition, and you have a chance to cast your ballot -- and I urge you to take it. Here in DC we just don’t get enough chances to go to the polls and express our will. Sure, we can elect the members of the DC Council and Mayor, but the bills they pass and sign into law are all too easily overturned on Congressional whim – even the whim of a single representative (I’m talking about you, spoiler Congressman Andy Harris, R- Ocean City, MD, who single-handedly has put the kibosh on DC’s decriminalization of marijuana – see ).

So come out and vote for something that is your right to enjoy as a responsible consumer, without the worry that some meddlesome, self-aggrandizing politician from another state can take it away. Here’s the scoop on the event:

The 4th Annual DC Scoop on Saturday, July 19 from 1 – 4 PM
Union Market, 1309 5th St NE (Red Line Metro: NoMa/Gallaudet U./New York Ave)

Now we come to my true political agenda (as is usually the case with any campaign to get out the vote): I really want you to try the ice cream offered by one competitor, Nicecream Factory. It’s made by a new technology – flash-freezing with liquid nitrogen. The advantage to this method is that the ice cream is super fresh, made right in front of you. No long periods of churning as it freezes, mixing in air which dilutes the flavor. The ingredients --farm-fresh berries, or hand-stripped vanilla beans, or un-dyed pistachios– are added right before the ice cream freezes in a 60-second cloud of chill. When you get a spoonful a minute after it comes out of the mixer, you have never tasted ice cream so thick and creamy and packed with flavor. Here’s the Nicecream event notice on Facebook with additional info:

So have a sample and make your choice – and I hope it will be Nicecream. And now I will let you in on the deeper reason for my unwavering support for this vote (beyond the case that it is indeed the best food innovation since the proverbially acclaimed sliced bread): Nicecream is the startup that employs my daughter as a “crafter” for the summer. But you have to trust me that I wouldn’t be calling for a Nicecream victory at the polls unless I truly believed it to be deserving of the number one spot…and I do!


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