Saturday, October 4, 2014

Still Life With Robin: Relaxing Way to End a Rough Week

Photo by Rob, Cambridge, MA via Wikimedia Commons
by Peggy Robin

It’s been another one of those weeks: screaming headlines filled with forecasts of doom. Ebola is here. ISIL a/k/a ISIS is gaining ground. Ukraine is losing it. Hong Kong is under a fog of tear gas. Then there’s more ebola. At some point you either want to crawl under a rock or find something soothing to distract you from the grim drum-beat of news. Of course, the soothing distraction is much easier to come by than a suitably comfortable rock, and that, perhaps, explains the unending popularity of cat videos on the internet. At a time like this, they serve a function beyond mere procrastination. In that spirit, I offer the following half hour of down-time, which can lower ease tension and lower blood pressure:

This next one is mostly cats, with a sprinkling of other furry actors (ferrets, otters) plus a horse with cool headgear: (8:24)

This one has been around for a longtime, so you have probably seen it….but it’s still funny on the second (or third or tenth) viewing: British Voiceover Animals: (4:34)

If you’re not going for laughs but just want a large dose of unrelieved cuteness, then go for this one: (6:58)

And now for the final one (58 seconds) with the caution that you may not be able to get the bouncy little song out of your head. One of these days you will be trying to concentrate on something serious – your overdue tax form, for example – and you will find yourself singing, “Baby monkey, baby monkey, riding on a pig, baby monkey….”  If that ever happens, just remember the middle lyric, “The world has gone insane….”and carry on as best you can.


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