Saturday, January 10, 2015

Still Life With Robin: Snow What's New?

Photo by USCapitol (Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons
by Peggy Robin

Tuesday, January 6 was our first real snow day of the winter of 2014-2015 (2.4 inches at DCA). A few quick facts:

It was a late one. The average date of “first dusting” of one inch or more in the Washington metro area is December 20. According to the Capital Weather Gang: “The record for the earliest snow in our area is October 10, 1979…. in 1973 the first and only measurable snow in DC that season occurred February 23.” It really is true that a late first snowfall portends a winter with less of the white stuff than average – again, according to the weather mavens at the Capital Weather Gang (

Although we had a bit of melting yesterday, when the high reached a balmy 41 degrees F, the temperature today is not expected to go above 26. That’s -3.33333, for those of you who have learned to think in Celsius. And it feels a lot colder to those of us who haven’t.

If we’re lucky, it will warm up to 43 or so by tomorrow afternoon – which is exactly the historic average high for this time in January.

Knowing that some love snow, some hate it, and everyone at some time feels frustrated by it, I thought I would pass along examples of all three views:

And finally, whatever your own personal reaction to snow, you gotta love watching a one-year-old enjoying her very first snowfall:
(via the NBC Nightly News Facebook post):

Can’t get enough of snow? Then you may like the Capital Weather Gang’s assemblage of the best of the recent snow photos sent in by readers:


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