Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Grand Opening of the H2O Bar in Cleveland Park - April 1

~ Announcing the H2O Bar in Cleveland Park ~
Come Celebrate the Grand Opening of Cleveland Park’s Newest 
and Finest Watering Hole
3529 Connecticut Avenue NW (formerly Palena Restaurant)

Photo by PDpics (via Creative Commons)
The H2O bar is a sparkling clean new concept on DC’s bar scene. At the H2O Bar, we serve one thing in all its glory: Water. Here you can find still water, sparkling water, spring waters from around the world. 

  • Over 200 varieties of bottled water from Fiji to Finland, from the peaks of the Andes to the Serengeti Plain.
  • Designer Waters - Our Swiss-trained Wasser Meister will recommend the perfect pour for you. 
  • Custom Blended Waters – You choose the waters and we combine them to achieve the most refreshing blend for balance, clarity, and taste.
  • Tap on Tap - Featuring the finest tap waters drawn from municipal water sources consistently judged by experts to be the best in flavour and purity, available for the first time on tap in DC.
  • Waters aged in the premium metal casks - aluminum, copper, tin, each imparting just the right soupcon of mineral flavour
  • POE Water - “Purity of Essence” Brand - The purest water on earth - chemist-certified and approved - nothing but hydrogen and oxygen in the perfect ratio - no additives or extraneous molecules of ANY KIND 

All waters served straight up or with three cubes of pure Antarctic glacial ice.

Specialty waters made at your table include:

* Steam condensed into water - $16 per kettle/drip method
Glacial ice gently warmed by candle under your glass - $21 for 6 oz.

Flights of waters: 
3 for $17
5 for $25
7 for $32

Tables with individual drinking fountains for parties of six or more – please reserve at least one day in advance. (Deposit required.)

Free tastings from 5 - 7 PM today only!

Experience water as you have never done before! 

The H2O Bar:  Water...and nothing but water served!

Visit our website to view the complete menu and make reservations:

For more information about this event, visit:

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