Sunday, May 31, 2015

Still Life With Robin: Wave the (DC) Flag on Flag Day

DrRandomFactor via Wikimedia Commons
by Peggy Robin

It’s still two weeks until Flag Day (June 14), but I wanted to use this space today to announce the Fifth Annual DC Flag Day celebration far enough in advance to allow everyone to save the date (all except those who have a June wedding to attend, for which probably received one of those “save the date” postcards a year in advance and you know you would cause a seismic family rift if you threw it over for a competing event). But unless otherwise committed, I urge you to be at Dupont Circle between 5pm – midnight on June 14th with a DC flag to wave, while you dance around and cheer on the cause of full voting representation for all the citizens of our lovely but sadly disenfranchised town. The bigger the crowd, the better for the cause of statehood/statehood equivalence/whatever solution you prefer to redress the injustice of our lack of representation in the House and the Senate of the United States of America.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some photos of previous year's celebrations: 

Here’s the schedule for this year's event:

Flag Day Rally @ Dupont Circle

5pm - 6pm - Gearing up, face painting, flag distributing

6pm - 7pm - Speakers:
   Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton
   Mike Panetta - "Shadow US Representative"
   Paul Strauss - "Shadow" Senator
   Ilir Zherka - Executive Director of DC Vote
   Dan Silverman - Prince of Petworth
   Shana Glickfeild - & BeeKeeper Group
   Meredith Begin - Food and Water Watch, Former Chair of the DC Bicyclist Advisory Council

7pm - 8pm - DC Flag and Tattoo Flash and Flesh Mob + March down to Eighteenth Street Lounge

8pm - Midnight - Musical Performances from:
   Bluebrain (DJ Set) -
   Jonny Grave & The Tombstones -
   Fire and the Wheel -
   Adrian Parsons(DJ Set) -!/adrian_parsons

Donations $5 - $10 greatly appreciated!

To help you get into the spirit of the Flag Day event, sometime before you attend, I recommend you spend a very worthwhile eighteen and a half minutes watching a TED Talk  on what makes for a well-designed flag, presented by Roman Mars, host of the phenomenally insightful podcast on design in everyday life, 99 Percent Invisible. Mars considers DC’s flag to be one of the very best examples all five of the key principles of good flag design. Not only does Mars explain what makes DC’s flag so great but he gets you to understand why having a well-designed flag matters; it's not just a trivial, notional thing. I promise you that you’ll see our city flag in a whole new way. Go to:  


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