Saturday, March 4, 2017

Still Life with Robin: Let's Talk about the Weather

I am a stick-in-the-mud. I admit it. I like stability, predictability, calm. I don’t like roller coasters, whitewater rafting, surprise parties, or political turmoil. I don’t like dramatic storms, even when there’s a rainbow at the end. So just imagine how I’ve been handling the goings-on of the past week or so to present. Let’s not talk about what’s happening in the halls of power. Let’s just talk about the weather.

Tonight, according to the Capital Weather Gang, it will be “ Mostly clear. Lows: 14-23.”  That’s cold! – and it’s what would be expected in winter…until you recall that just three days ago, on Wednesday, March 1, it was 80 degrees -- the all-time record for the date. 

Yesterday morning, we awoke to a dusting of SNOW on the ground. (If you missed it, here’s proof:

The whole month of February was just crazy-land, with multiple days in the mid to upper 70s, followed by cold snaps and windstorms. And now there are the daffodils blooming and cherry blossoms popping when they have no business doing so. It’s as if the weather is doing a copycat act of the wild swings coming from our unpredictable new climate-change-denying blowhard-in-chief. (Did I say I would stay away from politics? Sorry, the wacked-out weather must be affecting my brain.)

On the other hand, Washington is not the only place where the environment itself seems to have gone haywire. Take a look at what’s happening in Hawaii. Its most active volcano, Kilauea (always a reliable source of heat and fumes) has suddenly gone into overdrive, turning into a massive, fiery orange flamethrower. Roll tape:
[or, if the above link is broken.]

Sometimes the view from a faraway place helps to keep things in perspective!


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