Saturday, November 25, 2017

Still Life with Robin: Snow, Ice, and Dockless Bikes

DPW's "Be A Snow Hero" Program
by Peggy Robin

On a balmy day in November – as we’re edging up toward the 60 degree mark -- it’s time to think about winter….and DC’s snow shoveling rules. Earlier this week (11/22)  Angela Fritz of the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang helpfully reviewed the main things you need to know – and the tools to have on hand – to do your sidewalk-clearing duty to your fellow citizens. It’s here: 

Are you willing and able to go above and beyond basic duty? Then sign up for DPW's Volunteer Snow Program and help your elderly and disabled neighbors:   

Are you someone who could use the help of the Volunteer Snow Squad? You can apply here: - or call 202-645-7190. From the subject of snow, let's move on to ice...which can occasionally be nice! Especially if it's in the form of a friendly gathering place. Well, DC is about to get one. It's the Ice Lounge, a very big igloo constructed from 36,000 pounds of ice blocks, opening this Friday, December 1, 4 - 8 PM, at the Park at CityCenter (New York Avenue between 10th and 11th Streets NW:   NW:   The Ice Lounge will be open to the public on Saturday, December 2 and Sunday, December 3 from 10 AM - 6 PM.   

If you are thinking of using a dockless bike to travel to or from the Ice Lounge – or anywhere else around town – and are considering taking the Metro one way….well, here’s how NOT to carry the bike up the Metro escalator: The Twitter pic is from CNN producer Vaughn Sterling, but it seems the best caption comes from Dan Silverman“How many times do I have to say this - stand with dockless bikes while riding escalators on the RIGHT.”

It’s too nice for me to remain indoors typing, so that’s it for SLw/R for today!

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