Saturday, February 17, 2018

Still Life with Robin: Snow, Followed by Tropical Breezes

by Peggy Robin

Snow is falling at a fast clip right now, as I’m typing this. Whoa, I’m so confused. Two days ago -- Thursday, February 15 -- it was 73 crazy degrees outside. I was perfectly comfortable outside in my T-shirt and jeans….watching guys jog past me in shorts. Meanwhile, out at Dulles, it hit 76◦F (see
The next day, the daytime temperature had dropped by a few degrees for a high of 66. But today I could do a few winter sports in my driveway, including the Downhill Slip-and-Fall and the Double Hip-Break (Over 55 Division).

So far, this sort of thing is unusual, but not unheard of. It’s what’s happening next week that brings us into the twilight zone. Just a few days into the future, the temperatures will rebound for a few days in the mid-70s. Tuesday’s supposed to be around 74 and Wednesday will be higher than that (see:

It all makes me wonder, where am I, really? What kind of a place is this? Let me answer my own question. Apparently, it’s a place where you keep a snowbrush/ice scraper in your car and make sure that your car AC is working at the same time. But you need to take care, as you’re sweeping the snow off your front steps that you don’t throw your back out, or you might not be able to play tennis or just go for a run in the heat of the days to come. Expect more records to be shattered. You’re not likely to be disappointed!

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