Saturday, May 19, 2018

Still Life with Robin: For Those Who Wish You Were There

by Peggy Robin

On a soggy, soggy day in DC, it’s nice to stay indoors and vicariously enjoy good weather somewhere else – made possible through virtual world of video and still pictures. But who would have guessed that Windsor, England would be that perfect-day place, that example of the glorious sunshine and wafting breezes? For anyone who did not get up at 5 AM to watch the live coverage of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, here’s a condensed version of a lovely, lovely day – the kind we wish we had in May.

First, a quickie race through the highlights – and you can quit after this, if you actually have things to do today - still photos, plus a one-minute overview video:

Now, for those who want a fuller view of the big moments:

The bride arrives, walks in by herself, is met by Prince Charles and then is escorted the rest of the way: (4:36 video)

The Vows (6:48 video):

The Kiss (1:01 video):

The Dress! (57 second video, plus some stills and a little background info)

The speech by American Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry (of Chicago) - being hailed as the scene-stealer of the event:
First, a few clips and some background on the Bishop – 1:22 video) 
Here's the complete 13-minute speech - for those with a good attention span:

Nice Collection of Celebrity Guests (26 stills):

The HATS! Slideshow of 34:
The top 11 chosen by Elle magazine (not sure why it’s not a top-10 list, but I would not remove one to get the number down to ten!):

The Cake – everything you need to know, plus some info on Californian cake baker Claire Ptak (just in case you, too, would like to hire her):

And now, closing with a slideshow of the 
highlights of the day, in still photos, 
from the Beeb!

Hope that brought you a little warmth and cheer 
on this dreary Saturday in DC!

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the Cleveland ParkListserv 
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  1. So nice of you to post this. We watched a lot of the wedding as well as their histories. Did you catch the gospel choir singing Stand by Me? So inspiring and positive. A great reprieve!

    1. Thanks - yes, I loved that choir performance. It's at this link, for anyone who missed it:

  2. It was a great way to celebrate my parents’ 85th Wedding anniversary. They were married on this day in 1933. They met on a ship returning from a summer in Europe. My dad was scouting the deck chairs in hopes of finding an interesting travel companion for the rest of the trip back to Detroit. My mother took one look at this flirt and said, “Nuh-uh!” They came home to the Great Depression and no jobs. I have a lot to celebrate today.