Saturday, May 12, 2018

Still Life with Robin: The Usual Mother's Day Stuff....with a Twist

Card by UrbanPhase (Wikimedia Commons)
by Peggy Robin

In advance of this Mother’s Day, I thought I would give everyone some chocolate, a teddy bear, and kitten story, and some lovely flowers – each with a bit of a twist.

The twist on the chocolate delivery is that it did not make it to its destination but ended up being the biggest highway chocolate spill in the history of Poland: 

Here’s a story of a mother who wants her little one to get down from that tree! Don’t worry – it all ends happily (but not for the tree!) 

Next, the story of a mom who rescued some kittens found abandoned in the woods – only to discover the hard way (ouch!) that these were not exactly cuddly little fluffballs: 

Let’s cap it all off with a blooming bunch of flowers:

Happy Mother’s Day!

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