Saturday, June 2, 2018

Still Life with Robin: CP, Getting Cooler All the Time

Photo by Bill Adler
by Peggy Robin

“Sababa brings Israeli ‘cool’ to Cleveland Park” – that’s the headline on Tom Sietsema’s restaurant review in the Sunday Post magazine (6/3/18 – and the online version was posted 3 days earlier:     

I’m not sure that the Washington Post’s restaurant critic, Tom Sietsema, a middle-aged white guy, is actually the best arbiter of “cool’ – but I’ve become so used to hearing Cleveland Park bemoaned as an old fuddy-duddy’s neighborhood – at least compared to U Street and Shaw and Barracks Row and the Wharf, and all those other up-and-coming, trendy, millennial-magnet places – that I’ll take praise of my neighborhood anywhere I can get it, from anyone willing to dish it out.

I’ve been to Sababa, too, and think it deserves the kudos, both for food and ambience. And it’s not overpriced either – another plus. 

I suspect Cleveland Park will get cooler still, when Streets Market opens for business. I think it's going to have a wine bar, too.  

But you know what would really be the coolest thing to happen to the neighborhood? A new panda cub at the Zoo! The panda watchers have put the word out that Mei Xiang’s hormone levels are rising. (See:  A new little butterstick could well be on the way. And if that should come to pass, the new addition to the panda family will be a huge draw to our Zoo, which is, as we all know and must one day get Metro to admit, just as close to the Cleveland Park Metro as it is to “Woodley Park/Zoo”. And it’s an easy, level walk to the Zoo’s entrance, rather than a steep, uphill slog. You take a nice, leisurely, level stroll past a block of varied and interesting restaurants, cafes, and shops, and you know that's a really cool thing!

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