Saturday, October 13, 2018

Still Life with Robin: Soupergirl in the Shark Tank

Shark Tank on ABC - Soupergirl episode airs Oct 21, 2018

by Peggy Robin

In Monday's edition of DCist there was an item about a local business person who will be featured in an upcoming episode of Shark Tank on Sunday, October 21 (ABC): 
"Soupergirl Will Pitch A 'Soup Revolution' On ABC's 'Shark Tank'"

We take an almost motherly interest in contestant in this case, as around the time that Soupergirl (a/k/a Sara Polon) was launching her soup business, that was just about the time we got the idea to turn the Cleveland Park Listserv into a viable business, taking it from an on-the-side, all-volunteer-run forum and reinventing it as a an economically sustainable, 365-day-a-year online publication, supported by local advertisers. Sara Polon's new business, Soupergirl, was one of our earliest sponsors -- and remains so to this day.

However, her very first business post on this listserv was not an ad but a query: she was in search of storage space for the business she had not yet opened (see November 13, 20008, message # 51859 Storage Space Needed). Clearly, she found what she needed to get started – almost ten years ago -- and we're proud to have had a hand in it. (OK, maybe not a whole hand, but at least a pinky finger!) And glad she had a hand in helping the listserv find the support it needed from the local businesses to keep growing and serving an ever-wider community. We are now just a few dozen subscribers away from hitting the 18,000 mark.

However she fares in the Shark Tank next Sunday, we want to say, here among the tree-lined streets of Cleveland Park, Sara the Soupergirl, you are a champ!

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