Saturday, January 12, 2019

Still Life with Robin: Snow Day

by Peggy Robin

A light snow has started now. All of you with school age children who have been doing the snow dance while wearing their pajamas inside out and backwards – good job! But you know, of course, that you made it come down on the wrong day! A late Saturday to mid-Sunday snowfall may not get you a day off from school, you sillies! All you may get is some good sledding on Sunday.

On the other hand, it’s possibly you may have called in enough of the white stuff to make traveling too difficult for teachers, not just tonight and tomorrow, but through Monday morning. I just checked with Capital Weather Gang and they’ve upped their prediction from 3-5 inches to 4-8 inches, mainly on Sunday afternoon through evening (see After that, I gave Free Weather Call a ring, and the weatherman on the line told me it’s possible that we could get up to TEN inches before 6 PM on Sunday. 

If we get that much snow, here's what else will come our way: Surge pricing on Uber at four times the usual rate. People raiding the stores for milk, bread, and toilet paper. And any number of pratfalls (funny word, but the thing itself is not funny!) caused by unshoveled sidewalks and icy steps. You will have to think ahead and take care each time you step outside. But when you do, you will find yourself in a glistening white world, where everything is covered by a soft, all-encompassing blanket, where each footfall causes a satisfying crunch under your snowboots, and you breathe in the crispness of the freezing air and exhale the steam of your breath and feel all around you the picture-perfect wintriness of a snowy day in DC. 

Enjoy it till it melts!
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