Saturday, June 22, 2019

Still LIfe with Robin: The Names Are In! (Update to `More Name Games`)

by Peggy Robin

Just over a month ago (May 18, 2019) I ran a column on the “Name Those Dolphins” contest put on by the Potomac-Chesapeake Dolphin Project run by the Potomac Conservancy. Here’s that column:

Image by Potomoac Conservancy
I didn’t just publicize the naming contest on the CP listserv. I entered it myself. My suggested names for the pair of river and bay dolphins: Mac and Chessie.

After the nomination period closed, ten pairs of names were nominated, and people were invited to vote for their favorite pair. And guess what? My Mac and Chessie won! See for the results!

Not only did they win but by a nine-point lead over the next pair of contenders (Cherry and Blossom). That’s a wider margin than the gap between the current Democratic front-runner and the next closest candidate in the polls. Of course the now-crowned Mac and Chessie don’t have to do a thing to live up to their new names -- just swim around and leap up every once in a while, and look incredibly sleek and graceful while doing it. But that’s something all dolphins seem to be able to carry off without effort. They never disappoint.

Of course we will need to keep the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay clean enough for pods of dolphins to live there and thrive. So I’ll throw in a plug for supporting the work of the Potomac Conservancy, which is working to help keep it that way:

Mac and Chessie will thank you for the support!

Want to hear them? Take a listen, right here:
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