Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Fool's Day 2020

WHO Calls for Global Cancellation of April Fool's Day; 
President Trump Says It's Back On In 40 Days

In an health advisory issued on 31 March 2020 the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) called on the leaders of all its member nations to cancel all activities normally practiced in their countries in observance of April Fool’s Day. The traditional activity, which originated in France and is practiced widely throughout Europe, is to sneak up behind someone a put a paper fish on their back, then run awayIf the person realizes he or she has been “fished,” the person can then pass on the paper fish to someone else. As this practice is now deemed unsafe (and it was never was particularly clever or hilarious to begin with), the heads of all European countries have formally agreed to ban it, and accordingly, have cancelled this year’s April Fool’s Day in their countries.   

In his daily press conference President Trump was asked whether the United States would follow suit, and he immediately responded, “That’s a nasty question.” With Dr. Anthony Fauci at his side, rolling his eyes so far back in his head that for a moment they went completely blank, the President responded that America would still enjoy a beautiful April Fool’s Day – “Trust me, it will be the most beautiful one you’ve ever known” – but that it would be even greater if moved to a date in May.  

The President then announced that the new date for April Fool’s Day would be on Sunday, May 10, which is also Mother’s Day, adding that the date would be the perfect time for everyone to come out of isolation, visit their mothers, and play the “greatest April Fool’s trick on our mothers that our American genius can devise.” Having the 40-day delay will give people time to plan and the result will be to make our April Fool (AF) into an “the most incredible May Fool (MF) you ever saw.” The President called for a national competition to see “who can be the best at making this MF great as AF!” 

The President has already appointed a commission, to be known as the Trump Commission on Great AF-MF, which, in record time, has rolled out the National Great AF-MF website, listing the rules and eligibility (US native-born citizens only!) for the competition. The website is up and running today. 

You can register your April Fool/May Fool ideas at this link:

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