Thursday, April 1, 2021

Mayor Announces "2020 Forgive & Forget" Relief to 4,121 DC Residents Through New DC Portal

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Today, April 1, 2020, is the one-year anniversary of the Emergency Order issued by Mayor Bowser at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Starting at 12 AM April 1, 2021 the Mayor has announced a new program designed to help all District residents put the hardships of 2020 behind them -- and for up to 4,121 DC residents, that will mean a significant financial rebate, as well.

The "Forgive & Forget 2020 Program" is a Statement of Positive Outlook (SPO), which, while acknowledging the disastrous unfortunate qualities of the previous year (2020), urges all District residents to stop complaining about the past and look forward to the many improvements in life that are sure to occur in 2021 -- especially after we all officially adopt an Optimistic Attitude (OPTA). 

The OPTA will be most easily accessible for the segment of the population that stands to benefit from one aspect of the program being administered by the DC Office of Tax & Revenue: The "Forgive & Forget 2020" OTR DC Tax Rebate. For those who qualify and meet the registration deadline for the limited number of slots, all taxes paid for the year 2020 will be forgiven; if you have already paid your DC tax bill -- whether personal income taxes or real estate taxes -- you will receive a rebate check for the full amount paid, plus interest.

How to Register for Your "Forgive & Forget 2020" Tax Rebate: 

Starting at 9:00 AM today, the DC Office of Tax & Revenue will open up its new portal: F2020DC/IWantMyYearBack/ 

Any DC resident who has paid taxes to DC for 2020 is invited to go to the site, create a user name and password, and enter the information needed to establish your eligibility to be refunded everything you have paid to DC during the year 2020, the year we all wish had never happened. 

Once you have created a log-on, you will have six minutes to fill in your tax ID information, your full legal name --must match exactly the name in your DC tax records-- your address, your preferred method of follow-up contact, and your bank account information for direct deposit of your rebate. You must provide your bank routing number and account number and then confirm by retyping the numbers in a separate box, while the previously typed numbers appear as asterisks, after which you must attach a PDF copy of your D-40, plus the lot and square number of any real estate for which you owe or have paid RPT [real property tax] in the previous tax year .

If the site crashes due to high user traffic or you cannot complete the forms within the allotted six minutes, you must refresh the site and start over.

Once the 4,121 available slots have been taken, the DC Forgive & Forget 2020 program is closed to further applications. 

For further information and more detailed instructions about completing the DC Forgive & Forget online registration, please visit our HELP LINE at: DC Forgive & Forget - Sorry You Missed Your Chance - Better Luck Next Year! 


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  1. Brilliant! Has the lingo and phrasing of self-congratulatory bureaucracy down pat. Was halfway through when the 4,121 resonated.

    Great way to start the day!