Saturday, June 19, 2021

Still Life with Robin: See Ya Later, Ol' Cicada!

by Peggy Robin

It’s been a fun five-week visit, dear cicadas, but I for one am not sorry to say goodbye! See you in 2038!

When we first heard you were coming, lots of people were saying you would stick around till the fourth of July. Glad you decided to make it a shorter visit! While it may not have been quite as long as I’d been led to expect, it certainly was every bit as loud—louder!—than I thought it would be. There were some days when I stepped out the front door in the morning to pick up the papers, I thought about putting in earplugs first. 

Then there was the time when I was having a cup of coffee at the kitchen table and I became aware of a siren-like din coming from somewhere outside. I got annoyed, thinking someone's car alarm was going off, until I remembered -- that's the cicadas making that noise. And I'd be hearing it till dark.

Well, now that quiet has been restored,  I can forget all about it for another 17 years.....unless, for some crazy reason I find myself missing it. In that case, there's always YouTube!:    

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