Saturday, August 28, 2021

Still Life with Robin: Feed the Birds (Again)

Photo by Joe Myers via Creative Commons
by Peggy Robin


Remember those warnings back in June about the spread of the bird-blinding disease? We were all asked to stop any bird feeding or puttingout bird baths. Like humans asked to maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of disease, we needed to keep birds from congregating in groups where they could infect each other. 


While we humans still need to be careful about gathering closely with our unprotected fellow humans, I’m happy to report that the danger to birds appears to have passed. Here's the good news, as reported earlier this week in the Washington Post:  


A couple of days later, my favorite local Postie, John Kelly, took up the subject in his column, giving a number of quick, practical tips for putting your bird feeder back up, accompanied by a photo of a red cardinal at his feeder as a bonus (and no, it’s not redundant to say “red cardinal” because half of them -- the female half -- are brown.)


While you are washing off your old feeders and getting ready to re-hang them – along with your squirrel baffles and other seed-protective equipment – here’s a song to help get you in the mood:


Also, don’t forget it’s also cool to provide a bird bath again. If you don’t have a back yard where you can put a bird bath, you can get a second-hand thrill of birds enjoying the water in this delightful video:


I’ll close this one out with my theme song – Rockin’ Robin, of course!



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