Sunday, November 28, 2021

Still Life with Robin: Mask Me Again

by Peggy Robin

Montgomery County has reissued its indoor mask mandate. DC, on the other hand, just lifted its mask mandate, but there’s reason to believe it could be back on again soon. Certainly anyone who is cautious, getting up there in years, or dealing with anything that could weaken the immune system would want to continue being masked indoors around people of unknown vaccination status (in stores, restaurants, public buildings, etc.) And even for those who are young, vigorous, and fully vaccinated, there’s reason to stay masked until we get more information on the location, prevalence, and transmissibility of the newest incarnation of Covid-19 – the Omicron Variant.

Seeing the crowds that had gathered at this year’s Downtown DC Holiday Market – crammed together under booths tented on 3 sides and lacking any space for social distancing – I decided it would be wise to remain masked, even at that outdoor event. This was on Black Friday, and I discovered yet another, almost as compelling reason to stay masked: It was 35 degrees out, with wind gusts up to 22 mph, and I had not dressed warmly enough for the wintry conditions that day. But my face was protected, so it wasn’t so bad. Double masking would have been even better.

I’ve now made sure there’s an extra mask in at least one pocket of every warm coat or jacket I own.

Is this an example of a silver lining in our dark-cloud days? Not exactly. But it is a little added layer of protection, like a small, warm security blanket for your face – and one you can keep with you at all times.

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