Saturday, August 13, 2022

Still Life with Robin: What's Exciting about Mid-August in Washington? (Hint: Initials RW)

by Peggy Robin

This week's Still Life with Robin might seem like more like an ad for the DC Restaurant Association's Restaurant Week (August 15-21) than the usual sort of observations that make up my Saturday column -- but it's a slow time in town and I'm running low on ideas. Which is much the same rationale for Restaurant Week itself: Not much happening in August and we need Restaurant Week to create a little buzz (a little dish?) about some interesting places to eat. A sweet meal deal is the incentive.

For those of us old enough to remember when twenty bucks was a lot to spend on an entree, it may take us a while to adjust to the reality that in these times, the $40 Restaurant Week deal is a bargain. But, as the late great Walter Cronkite used to say, "That's the way it is." Those of us old enough to think in Cronkite-era prices will always think of him as the Voice of Truth.

If you want to get the revealed Word on Restaurant Week straight from the people who have created it, then go to the Restaurant Association's website at, where you can use the search tools to find participating restaurants by neighborhood, cuisine, outdoor dining, delivery, meal time (brunch, lunch, dinner) and more.

Here are the participating restaurants listed for Cleveland Park, Cathedral Heights, Tenleytown, and Palisades, and Woodley Park:



Chef Geoff's


Al Dente

Lupo Verde Osteria 

Duke's Counter

That's  one for every day of the week....and that's just for those who want to stay close to Cleveland Park! There are participating restaurants as far away as Frederick, MD and Culpeper, VA -- if you still think mid-August is a good time to get out of town!


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