Saturday, September 9, 2023

Still Life with Robin: The Unwritten Rules of Metro

 by Peggy Robin

Three days ago (September 6) there was a tweet* from the people who run the Metro account, asking Metro riders to post the "unwritten rules" of the Metro system. 

Metro Forward 

Hi there 👋. How was your ride today? Share with us your favorite “unwritten rules” of Metro. We’d love to hear them. #wmata

So far I've counted 79 comments and from these I have pulled what I consider the top ten "unwritten rules," which I think most of us know and abide by....and really resent it whenever others don't! I have presented these in in Letterman-style backwards order:

10, Do not take pictures of people on the Metro without their permission.
9. No personal grooming on the train (nail filing is the worst!)
8. Help tourists who seem lost.
7. On a crowded train, if you're standing near the doors, you should step out onto the platform to make it easier for others to exit. You'll have plenty of time to step back in before the train departs.
6. Listen to music through earphones -- and if the other passengers can hear the music even though you've got earphones on, the volume is up too high -- turn it down.
5. As all the seats in a car begin to fill up, remove anything you've put on the seat next to you to make room for someone to sit down. 
4. Never sit next to a stranger if there is an unoccupied row available.
3. When standing in a crowded train car, take off your backpack and put it between your feet.
2. Wait on the platform for passengers to exit the train before you board.
1. On escalators, stand to the right, walk on the left.

* Note: I know, I know, it's no longer a tweet; it's an "X". Well, DCA has been Reagan National Airport for over 25 years but I'm still calling it "National." I expect to stick to the same plan with Twitter (although my bet is that the next owner will change it back!)

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