Sunday, January 21, 2024

Still Life with Robin: Hiya, Heather, How's the Weather?

by Peggy Robin
For a dozen years, the Weather Channel (TWC) has been assigning names to winter storms. And for a dozen years, I have been making fun of TWC for the dopey names they choose. (My first column on this subject in the winter of 2012 was "A Winter Storm Named Boo-Boo?" I'm not about to stop now. 
Let me start off this year's mockery-fest with a swipe at the name assigned to the winter storm that a few days ago dumped about five inches of snow on us: It's Winter Storm Heather. That's right, heather, the lovely purple flower that blooms in midsummer all over Scottish moors and meadows. What is it about Heather that makes it a good name for a winter storm? I dinna ken, laddie!
Now let me take on the rest of this year's crop of silly Winter Storm names, starting with the next named storm in TWC's alphabetical list, Indigo, and when we're done through Z for Zyler, I'll turn around and start back at A for Archer and go through G for Gerri. For each name on the list, I will say something about its meaning and/or origins, make a comment (most likely snarky, with a few approving nods where appropriate), and then assign each name a letter grade. Then I will take the average of all 26 grades and report TWC's grade point average for the winter term. If you want to see how they scored last year for comparison, go to:

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