Saturday, February 3, 2024

Still Life with Robin: The 2024 Listies Are Coming....In Just Ten Months!

by Peggy Robin

At the end of each year we review all 12,000+ posts* on the Cleveland Park Listserv, and then nominate five in each of seven categories for our annual awards (every year since 2012!) called the Cleveland Park Listies. You can read all about the winners of the 2023 Listies here).

2024 is off to a great start, with two solid nominees in the category of Best Animal Story: On January 1st the account of two coyotes on Porter St, and on January 30, the Miracle of the Returned Parakeet!

For the 2023 Listies, we expanded the jury pool by calling upon the hivemind of other list members. plus some friends and neighbors, and yes, a number of my relatives, to nominate their favorite posts and also vote for the one who should snag the coveted Listy.

This year I'm not waiting until December to ask for your your participation. You can start right now, saving up any messages written by a list member whose mantelpiece or bookshelf should be adorned by our little, golden plastic statuette. At any time during the year you can send me a nomination. Best to give me the Message Number from the website version of the message -- or if you are sending me an email you've received, either as an individual message of in the 12-message digest, send me a copy of the entire message, with the date and the poster's name. (It's really hard to look up a post in the archives if you send me something like this: I loved that post about the cat, I forget when it was posted, but it was a very cute cat.)

Here are the categories:

  • Best Animal Story
  • Best Giveaway
  • Best ISO
  • Best Answer to a Query or Creative Advice
  • Best Long Discussion (What qualifies as a long discussion? It must go for at least 6 messages from 4 different posters. The Listy may be awarded to the poster who initiates the long discussion or who contributes the most substantive comment to the long discussion. In your nomination, please specify which poster you think should be the one to take the honors.)
  • Best Photo (If you see a photo on another site and want to put a copy on the Listserv, just get the photographer's permission, then copy it and repost. Both the photographer and the poster may be awarded a Listy!)
  • Post of the Year

I'm also accepting suggestions for additional categories -- just be sure it's something popular enough to produce at least five likely nominees for the best post in that category. You could also suggest other ways to improve the Listies. Yes, yes, of course, we should have an awards banquet, with a red carpet entrance for all the Listserv celebrities and nominees, so we can hand out the Listies in the style they so richly deserve. Still working on that!
Still Life with Robin is published on the Cleveland Park Listserv and on All Life Is Local on Saturdays.

* The exact number of posts in 2023 was 12,597

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