Saturday, March 16, 2024

Still Life with Robin: Bear gang steals trash can from Connecticut driveway

 by Peggy Robin

I was so excited when I saw this Fox News video in one of my newsfeeds. I read the headline, "Bear gang steals trashcan from Connecticut driveway," and noted what I thought was a local TV news station as the source, and jumped to the conclusion that the driveway in question was for a house somewhere in our area, providing a way for cars to exit or enter from Connecticut Avenue. Maybe not in DC, but it seemed plausible that the location was in the far reaches of Silver Spring, MD, where there are plenty of single family houses with driveways that go straight to Connecticut Avenue (like, say, this one).
So I clicked on the video - - and immediately discovered that the "Connecticut" in the headline referred to the New England state, not our local thoroughfare. But the footage is so amazing, I had to post it here anyway.

After last year's Brookland Bear, we know that our ex-urban, woodland neighbors may wander into town now and again. And we do have some mighty tempting, fragrant, and accessible trash cans!
Just look at the way they move that thing!! BEAR-y IMPRESSIVE (groan!)

[Note: This version is not the original clip from Fox news but a version edited for better lighting and effects, posted on Youtube by ABC News]]
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