Saturday, April 13, 2024

Still Life with Robin: More News Is Good News

by Peggy Robin

Which do you want first, the good news? Or the other good news?

The good news is that many of the fired writers of DCist/WAMU have come together to launch a new local news outlet. I learned this in a tweet -- see below:

Elahe Izadi | الهه

NEWS: a group of former WAMU/DCist staffers are launching a "worker-led, community-based, local outlet." They want help naming it.

It's great news because, with the demise of DCist, we lost one the very best sources of local news -- leaving us in what's virtually a "local news desert" -- but now I am very hopeful that this small group of dedicated and talented journalists will create a news oasis to give us sustenance. 

And now for the other good news? They'd like our help in choosing a name! There's nothing I love so much as a good naming contest. (Here's one of the many columns I've written on that  theme:

As with most other naming contests, you're not getting a fill-in-the-blank, free-style choice; they have given you a ballot with five names and you are asked to vote for one. 

Which of these name options is your favorite? 

O  WashRag
O  DC Free Press
O  The DC Star
O  51st News
O  DCish
However, it's not that cut-and-dried. You do get some free-form space to talk about your word associations with the names, and give a reason for what you like or don't like. And I suppose, if you came up with a new name that is outstanding and hits everyone with a Eureka moment, your suggestion could just trump the pre-selected five.

So let them know how you feel....and whatever it's called, whenever it debuts, let's welcome it and cheer it on, and hope they make a go of it!

I will be sure to update you when the name is selected and the new local news site is up and running.
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