Saturday, May 4, 2024

Still Life with Robin: Why I Stay

 by Peggy Robin

All my friends and family have fled from Twitter, many leaving almost immediately after it was taken over by the evil Musk-Rat -- even before he slapped an X on it as if to rebrand it with a well-known symbol of both pornography and poison.

My friends kept predicting, as the site grew more and more toxic, that I would soon follow them, but I've stuck it out -- mainly because there is a core of tweeters who comment daily on my favorite NYT word games, Spelling Bee, LetterBoxed, Wordle, Connections. and Strands. I have followers among that crowd who depend on me for hints. I won't abandon them, despite all the falsehoods, bigotry, rage, and garbage proliferating on that site.

And there is one other reason for not jumping ship: Amid all the dross, one finds an occasional treasure. Quite often it's a stunning nature photo. Here's one I saw just yesterday (Friday, May 3), by Ted Smith @Tedsmithimages:

This makes up for a lot.

For more of Ted Smith's images, go to:

My last refuge is the hope I still hold that the Musk-Rat will lose interest, or more likely, tire of losing money, and will sell the whole thing to a more responsible party.
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