Monday, August 16, 2010

Deal of the Day

Certifikid Half Price Deals - Back to School & Gift Items & Custom-Made Mini-Documentary

The deal today on Certifikid is for $10 for $20 worth at Cattiwampus for Back to School Items & Gifts (50% off). Stock up on birthday gifts and back-to-school items at this great site for kids - newborn to age 8. Check out Certifikid for all the details.

Certifikid features a single, daily, unbeatable, family value. Certifikid deals will lead to savings of 50% or more on all things families want and need, including family friendly restaurants, play gyms, family entertainment and
events, music classes, photo sessions, kids haircuts, baby proofing services, maternity boutiques, birthday party packages, and so much more.


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