Monday, August 16, 2010

Washington Tweets

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Fenty-Gray battle just mentioned on CNN for their attack ads on Youtube

stalled elevator - Cleveland Park Metro - did you know DC F&EMS handles about a
dozen or so stalled or stuck elevators city-wide everyday

Maybe my neighborhood will vote None of the Above. Fenty didn't keep promise on
zoning case. Now Gray funder valets blocking alleys. Mad!

This was an awesome weekend. Skins kicked bills butt. Also spent the whole day
in DC as a tourist.

@megabus NEVER again. mob waits 1 hr in rain @ Penn sta., we'll get to DC after
metro closes. WTF.

@mpindc You know that mandolin player at Farragut North? He always plays
Godfather theme. Used to scare the hell out of me in the morning.

Question: I'm leaving for NC tomorrow at 3 p.m. Will I run into horrible beltway
traffic if I'm in DC at around 7 on 95?

There must be a hatch on the Anacostia River as I'm being attacked by some
insects constantly. Holla.

OK, what if Congress doesn't want to grant DC Statehood or Voting Rights! Then
let's shoot for a different taxation formula 4 residents?

Well it will be hot again here soon enough LOL. DC weather has been so weird

Some lucky dc bum is gonna find a metro card with $17 on it. #DC

Tourists dont understand (1) personal space and (2) stand right/walk left. #dc

fenty campaign workers pullin gray signs outta ppl yards in my block?

Just saw the sweetest fannie pack on (get this) a commuter. Thought those were
reserved for #dc #tourists

All is calm now in DC. Just saw a Metrobus float by carrying 2 pigeons, 2
squirrels, 2 rats...

The cicadas are singing along the tidal basin tonight! I kinda <3 DC

I'm at Sandinista Safeway (Adams Morgan)

A bunch of Vincent Gray supporters took all the parking spots at McDonald's. If
there was doubt before, I am now completely behind Fenty #dc

I did NOT get adequate sleep. Thank you Adams Morgan

Out with Phil Mendelson, Harry Thomas and Mary Cheh tonight at Zanzibar
supporting labor. Great crowd.

Would also love it if @metrobus arrived on time!!
#iwannabeabillionairesofrickinbad at least the rain lowered the temp a bit #dc

At this cook outup anacostia...sittin back waitin 4 the hot guys 2 come thru!

On way home. My first baby bird has setup a temporary nest of his own, Sniff
Sniff (@ Gate 26 Ronald Reagan National Airport Washington DC)

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