Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poll: Fenty or Gray?

The Democratic primary is around the corner, and if you're undecided, well, you're either going to have to make up your mind or let somebody else choose for you.  We're keeping the poll simple, because, barring a category 5 political storm, none of the other candidates has a chance.

So we're asking:  Adrian Fenty or Vincent Gray?  Who should be the next mayor of the District of Columbia?   Vote and let your voice be heard.  (And then heard again on Primary Day, September 14, or though early voting.)


  1. Fenty is a pompous ***. However, he's done good things for this city -- all parts of it, whether his critics will admit that or not. As someone on the Cleveland Park listserve noted, we shouldn't be voting for the candidate with whom we'd most like to have beer. We should be voting for results. Gray is a vote for the past, in my opinion.

  2. Agreed.

    The city is so much better than 4 years ago.

    I've lived here for 25 years and raised two sons in the heart of ward 1. With Barry, Kelly, Williams, etc., nothing seemed to ever change.

    Now Fenty has made a big difference. Huge.

    Why people want to go back to the old Barry network with Gray is beyond my comprehension.

    I see that the poll on this site is 70% Fenty so I assume I am addressing the choir.

    I guess the Grey people are those that want the old system reinstituted.

    I LOVE the new DC!