Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fenty Versus Gray Thoughts of the Day

Are you still undecided between Adrian Fenty and Vincent Gray? Between now and the election we present occasional Fenty versus Gray thoughts to help you decide whom to vote for to be the next Mayor of the District of Columbia. These quotations come from various sources, including Twitter, neighborhood listservs, endorsements, articles, and the campaigns themselves. As with all political pronouncements, how you evaluate these statements is up to you. You're welcome to add your thoughts in the comments section below.  And if you still can't figure out whom to vote for, use our handy Fenty-Gray decider.

For Fenty:

Building on Anthony Williams’ efforts, Fenty has overseen a dramatically more professional D.C government. There’s a reason that even polls predicting a lopsided Fenty loss reveal happiness with the general state of things. -Washington City Paper

It should be noted that at this time, while Rhee was cutting her teeth in Baltimore, Vince Gray was head of the Department of Human Services and costing the District approximately $2 million in Federal penalties for inaction on shutting down Cedar Knoll. -Neighborhood listserv

For Gray:

@wcp endorses Fenty for DC Mayor: "He’s a jerk. But he’s your jerk." Better than Fenty's actual campaign slogan, which is... yeah. EXACTLY. -Twitter

Fenty forgot its important to be nice to others. Especially voters. -Twitter

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