Monday, September 20, 2010

Memorial to Parrot, Dog Shot and Killed in Adams Morgan

A photographic memorial to Parrot, the dog who was shot and killed by a police officer in Adams Morgan during the Adams Morgan Day Festival.


  1. Poor Parrot. The whole incident was way out-of-hand by the officer.
    What I don't understand is WHY the officer grabbed the dog when it was subdued by the owner?
    Doesn't make sense at all.
    Scares me that police are like that.

  2. Are you kidding? It was a pit bull mix that just mauled another dog, the owner was bleeding from where he was bit in a crowded street full of children. It already attacked an animal and its owner and was snapping at everyone around it. The whole problem is that the owner did NOT have control of it. The K9 officer, who knows dogs better then anyone else on the force, acted to protect innocent people from a vicious animal that should never have been in a crowd like that in the first place. It scares me people like you want to jump to these conclusions.

  3. And you were there? I wasn't, but read quite a few accounts that the owner had the dog subdued, and the policeman grabbed Parrot off the owner. It was witness by a more than one person.

    I also read from different eyewitness accounts that the leases of the two dogs (Parrot and a poodle) intertwined, and the poodle attack Parrot.

    If you were there, I digress. If you weren't, please, you really sound like a cop defending a fellow officer.

    Your account does not match up with a lot of the initial reports. You seem to have an emotional jump to conclusions. And the K9 officer is judge, jury and executioner?

    Please. You sound as rabid as you make out this dog to be. Calm down, boy, calm down. (If you are a man, if not, calm down, girl).

  4. Whatever the actual circumstances, which we did not see, it is a fact that the pit bull was NOT on a leash when the officer arrived (look at the picture) Also, when the officer repeatedly asked who is the owner? who is the owner? No one stepped forward to say they were the owner. The only part we did see was the dog lunging at other dogs as he went up the street and the young man having trouble controlling him. Parrot obviously did well in one on one situations, but a foster care person who had only had the dog for 3 weeks should never have taken a rescue dog who had been going from shelter to foster to shelter out into a crowded, loud festival. Sad result.