Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Heart Goes Out to This Street Scammer...Not

Keep an eye out for this scam, which is ongoing in Brookland, and which was reported on a neighborhood listserv. You can bet that this scam will be coming to a CVS near you, too. Fakery can appear anywhere, anytime.

A few nights ago some I was coming out of the CVS on 12th here in Brookland when I was approached by a 30/40 yr old male. He was on the phone, obviously agitated in an apparent conversation with a third party. They were talking about his 14 yr old daughter who was in the hospital in Richmond after having been raped in school. The whole story seemed plausible and compelling and I gave him some money.
Yesterday, one of my friends was approached by the same man, with the same story. Beware: It's a hustle.

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