Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Survival Tip: Make a Fire With Just IKEA Furniture

It could happen. You're caught in a horrific blizzard on the way back from IKEA. (Snowmageddon #2?) Snow drifts all around, highways and roads blocked, temperature plummeting --even Pizza Hut can't deliver-- and the only way you and your family will make it through the night is to build a fire.

Artist Helmut Smit shows how you can make an impromptu, emergency fire using just IKEA rope, a wooden hanger, egg cup, a wine rack, some napkins, floral bits -- and no matches.  That's the key thing, you need to know how to make a fire with IKEA furniture and no matches. Remember, too, you can use what you bought at IKEA -- a desk, bookcase, bed:  the fire-making principle is the same.

FLAMMA from Helmut on Vimeo.

Spotted on Lifehacker.

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