Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post-Vote Reports: Fenty Versus Gray

Here's how voting works these days:  Vote, tweet, post on Facebook. Perhaps instead of expensive exit polling, news organizations should count tweets by voters. But regardless of whether these tweets accurately reflect the actual way the election goes (and we'll know in a few hours), they do reflect what's on some voters' minds. Here is what some District of Columbia residents are thinking on Twitter:

For the record, I voted for Fenty. Like many women, I have a complicated relationship with men who are high-achieving jerks.

I just voted! Washington DC Residents Please Vote! Lets Go Vince Gray and Make Being Mayor of DC a Reality!

I like bike lanes, clean parks, safer streets so voted for Fenty

I voted today in DC! #Gray #GWU - Time for a new Mayor!

I voted for Fenty today. The jerk got things done these 4 years.

Just voted! Ward 6 is reppin Vince Gray real hard! Cant believe they sent all these "Fenty Volunteers" that dont look like Ward 6 residents!

Gray just shook my hand, hugged me & some1 took a pic of my hair o_O he's SO handsome!! And YES I voted for him

Just voted for Fenty. Come on, DC. Don't disappoint me!

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