Monday, September 13, 2010

Washington Tweets: Special Dog Shot Edition

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This is a special edition of Washington Tweets, focusing just on the sad and unfortunate incident yesterday in which a police officer shot and killed a dog at the Adams Morgan Day Festival.

Awful. Broke my heart this afternoon. DC Police shoot dog during Adams Morgan Day festival.

Adams Morgan dog was btn a pitbull and poodle. Poodle started the brawl pitbull died.

In DC, 9 homicides in 30 days. But dog getting shot makes more news than all 9 combined.

Spokesperson: "Policeman Knocked" Owner Off Dog Before Detaining, Shooting It in Adams Morgan

This dog thing Adams Morgan is just crazy. Animal rights people are going to have a field day with this cop.

I hope that DC officer that shot the dog in Adams Morgan has a good explanation for doing so

Just wrong. And i dont even like pets that much.

This dog shooting in Adams Morgan is really upsetting me...the poor puppy. Looking forward to MPD's response.

This Adams Morgan dog shooting story is heartbreaking.

Will Vince Gray people try to blame the Adams Morgan Day dog shooting on Fenty? No need to say it

reports of dog shot in AdMo. Really, DC police? I mean *really*? This is why everyone effing hates you.

A dog was shot by a police officer in #DC today at a crowded street festival. The public should be outraged. I'm not taking my dog into town

with all the politicking and fried food, Adams Morgan Day felt just like the Iowa fair--except for when the dog got shot

Not much from MPD though. This story about the dog shooting in Adams Morgan is gut-wrenching.

Cop should lose job if dog wasnt threat to his life. There is a better way

Again why decent folk avoid AM: Police confirm dog that was shot at Adams Morgan festival is dead

So was the cop who shot the dog the same cop who brought his gun to the DC Snowpocalypse snowball fight? Just askin'.

Why is there so much online buzz when a dog gets shot in DC, but so little when a person is killed?

Newly added to Adams Morgan Day festivities: dog execution. "WTF" doesn't begin to cover it.

Gah the Adams Morgan dog story is horrible

They just shot a dog in front of me in Adams Morgan. Damn DC cops gun happy

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  1. If there are any eyewitnesses to the actual event, you need to speak out. Please contact Detective Zenobia Mack at 202-576-7228. She is assigned to the investigation from Internal Affairs. She is very kind and very helpful. Please make your voice heard so the officer in question will have to answer for his crimes.