Friday, September 17, 2010

Should Michelle Rhee Stay or Go?

Should Michelle Rhee stay or go? Although Michelle Rhee by her recent statements seems very likely to leave her post as chancellor of the DC public school system the minute Adrian Fenty is no longer at the helm, is that a good thing or a bad thing for the future of the schools? Vote in the poll on All Life Is Local to voice your opinion. If you wish there were a way to induce Michelle Rhee to stay on and continue her program of school reform, vote yes. If you’re glad to see the end of her reign, vote no.


  1. Tough love is a hard thing, but Rhee's made DC schools much better. Granted, there have been ups and downs, but her vision and actions have help DC kids.

  2. I want her to stay. I think she should go. She won't have the backing she needs from this administration to make tough, unpopular choices.

  3. Look at the roster of possible replacements for Rhee, as reported in the Post and elsewhere: Former DC city administrator Bob-Bobb; former DC schools superintendent Janey; Rudy Crew, who was pushed out in NYC by Bloomberg. Janey and Crew have won some praise for past performance, but their contracts were not renewed in their last positions, in Newark and Miami respectively. As a DC schools parent, I find replacement prospects depressing.