Saturday, September 4, 2010

Strange, Disturbing Political Call in Ward One

These two messages appeared on the Ward One listserv about an apparent push-poll to influence Ward One voters about the City Council race. Bryan Weaver and Jeff Smith are hoping to replace Jim Graham as Ward One's councilmember. Multiple people have reported getting this political phone call.
I just got a rather disturbing call from 202-461-xxxx.  It was from a phone dialing system that basically went on about killing babies and hating Jim Graham.  They do not identify themselves.
I am really bothered that anti-women people will be calling my house, especially when they are too chicken to identify themselves.
I really don't want to see what happened in California when a lot of interlopers tried to influence an election with political canvasing.  
I just received the call as well. This is truly a disturbing phone call and bothersome turn of events in a campaign season that while at times has been contentious has at least not been sleazy. As a woman working for Bryan Weaver I want to state emphatically that the Weaver Ward One campaign had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this phone call and whoever is distributing this call should be ashamed. 

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