Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's Time Savers

Triple rainbow photo by Bill Adler
Don't even bother calling the weather this morning, turning on the TV, or surfing over to your preferred weather website. All of the cliches you know that have to do with rain will apply on Tuesday: buckets, cats and dogs, deluge. Especially in the morning. 

There. You've just saved a minute. Now for the bigger time saver, courtesy of something called Get Rescu'd. Once you hear about Get Rescu'd, you'll never want to go to the office without it. In response to a simple text message, Get Rescu'd will either send you a text or call your phone, providing an excuse for you to leave whatever meeting or awkward social situation you're in. The text or call you get is time-delayed, so that it's not obvious that you've triggered the call.

Get Rescu'd is super easy to use: Text SMS 5 to 206-866-5924 and you'll receive a text back in 5 minutes. (Replace "5" with whatever number of minutes' delay you want.) Text Call 5 if you want to be called. If you want to hear or receive a specific text or call for added realism, add the message to the text you send to 206-866-5924. For example: SMS 5 Your limo is waiting in front of the building.  Program 206-866-5924 into your phone now!

Get Rescu'd opens an exit door where none existed before.

1 comment:

  1. This seems like a very cute idea, but i wonder what's in it for the sponsors of the web site. I would try it out, except that i would be providing my cell phone number to someone completely unknown to me, who could then use it for god knows what.

    Richard Rothblum