Monday, September 13, 2010

You Won't Cancel Your Washington Post Subscription and Here's Why

Update: According to Buzzblog, Apple forced Newsday to remove this very funny and clever advertisement.  In this advertisement (which I'll describe, because it's becoming hard to find) the father at the morning breakfast table hears a fly buzzing. When the fly lands on the breakfast table, he swats it and the iPad's glass screen shatters. Buzzblog quotes one unnamed Apple source as saying, "Newsday got a cease and desist letter threatening all of our apps, if we did not remove the commercial immediately. They took exception to the fact that the (iPad) glass shattered into large jagged pieces." Sigh. Somebody at Apple has no sense of humor. There are still some copies of this ad floating around YouTube, and it's worth watching before the ad disappears entirely.

After you watch this video, you'll hang on to your Post newspaper subscription forever. I'm certain of that. There are some things that only a paper newspaper can accomplish. The New York Times may think that it will end its paper edition one day, but after watching this video, I'm convinced that paper newspapers will endure for a very long time.

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  1. The real reason you won't cancel the Post is that they won't let you.

    I tried. They ignored the cancellation then tried to claim I was behind in payment (I wasn't), and they wouldn't stop sending or charging until the back payment (close to $200) was sent.