Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beware the Adams Morgan McDonald's Bathroom Bouncer

The blogger Chele relates this story about how she couldn't use the bathroom in the Adams Morgan McDonald's because she didn't have a receipt. Even though her boyfriend was in the process of paying for her meal. Even though she had to go really badly. Even though the cashier said she could use the bathroom. The bathroom bouncer at the Adams Morgan McDonald's at 2481 18th Street, NW blocked Chele from using that bathroom. Here's her saga:
Seeing as my partner had already ordered and was about to pay, I made my way to the restrooms past a tall African-American gentleman sitting in a booth, while in another table a woman was texting on her phone. I could never have predicted what happened next.
Bathroom Bouncer: You, hey, what do you think you’re doing?
Me: I was hoping to use the bathroom…
BB: Well you can’t. You got a receipt?
This is when I notice that the guy is not some weirdo trying to start a conversation, but a rent-a-cop hired to keep the bathroom safe from tiny bladders like mine.
Me: Not on me, my boyfriend is paying as we speak (as I point to the suited up individual at the register, who turns, smiles and continues to talk to the woman at the counter).
BB: Well YOU can’t go. You don’t have a receipt yet. So you can’t!
Me: Um ok, I mean he’s paying right now…
Cashier: Yes, she’s with him, let her go. 
BB: Well I don’t give a shit, I’m not gonna let you go anywhere. AND DON’T YOU LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE, I SAY WHAT GOES!
You can read more on Chele's blog. The Adams Morgan McDonald's has pay toilets, so one wonders why they'd need a bathroom bouncer anyway. Perhaps the pay mechanism was broken.

Before you pop by that McDonald's you might want to read some of the reviews on Yelp (yes people review McDonald's) that report: "Service was awful - rude and condescending," "Service is painfully slow and rude," and "On three different occasions I've seen a fight between two employees."



  1. Head over to McDonald's website and let them know about this:

  2. screw the feedback. just don't go to mcdonalds.

  3. Drop 'em and go on the floor. Could trigger a change in policy.

  4. I think this is good. It is about time we started cracking down on freeloaders in our society. Sure, the process may be flawed, but isn't the inconvenience worth it, in exchange for living in a country where the McDonald's bathrooms are clean and well maintained?

  5. This stuff has been going on since 1992 when I moved to Adams Morgan. Bouncer, rude service, long lines, etc. Just don't go there. Have pizza instead. You'll get a big enough slice to last all week.

  6. I would report this to their HQ, I am sure this is not policy although they are a business and therefore it is not a public bathroom so it does not have to be available to what they perceive as non customers.