Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Morning: The 80's Are So Over

It's getting cooler. This time the weather gods mean it. Wednesday will be devoid of rain, but it will also be a lot cooler: The first digit of the thermometer won't get higher than a 6. It might get as warm as 67 or 69 degrees, but that's it. While we like to take our days one at a time, Thursday will be even cooler --the low 60's-- and rain for sure.

Cooler temperatures and lower humidity levels means that woe be to the person who leaves home without his or her chapstick. You know that feeling: you reach into your pocket and it's not there. Panic ensues and instantly your lips feel dry, cracked, and miserable. Barack and Michelle Obama could be walking by, but all you can think about are your lips. Oh, winter, why do you do that to our lips?

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