Sunday, October 31, 2010

Burglary in Takoma Park DC Sunday Morning

A burglar broke into a home early this morning in Takoma Park. Here is the firsthand report from the homeowner whose house was broken into from the Takoma Park Listserv. The burglar entered the home through an unlocked door.
I live on Harlan Place, NW between Whittier and Van Buren. This morning someone broke into the house (well, the back door was unlocked) and took the purse that was on the dinning room table. When the intruder was discovered by my dad, who had been sleeping on the couch downstairs, the intruder threw an object at him and then left out the back door. The police were called and they said that there were several incidents like this on my block. The purse that was stolen had a red cell phone in it, a set of car/ work keys and a red wallet.


  1. FYI Takoma Park is in MD, not DC. Takoma is in DC hence the Metro station being named Takoma.

  2. Takoma...Takoma Park...? Does it really matter what you call the neighborhood? The name of the neighborhood isn't the important thing in this article. The main point is that a crime was committed, and folks are being notified about it.

    Besides, the very listserv on which the message originally was posted (TakomaDC) says that they serve "...the Takoma Park neighborhood in Washington DC."

  3. Burglars are everywhere these days. And if you don't secure your house, they'll be knocking on your door pretty soon, giving you bitter treats. To prevent this from happening again, safeguard your house all the time.