Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ridin' the Love Train: Sanity Has Been Restored

by Christine Wilkinson

I may not have much cash in my bank account, but today I am endorphin rich. I may actually be an endorphin millionaire as I am still riding high from yesterday’s Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear on the DC mall. The day cost us only the Metro fare ($12 round trip for 2) as we were once again practical and thought ahead to pack a backpack with drinks and plenty of food. I almost felt guilty as the people sardined in around us kept saying that they wished they had planned ahead, too. (Well… read my blog people!:-). My friend Amy and her husband Paul did us a major solid by watching our daughter all day long, so not only was the Rally an utter blast, but I had almost forgotten how good it is to get out with my fun-loving spouse. I felt in my twenties again.

For us, the best part was Cat Stevens coming out to sing Peace Train only to have Stephen Colbert interrupt by bringing out Ozzy Osborne. Hilarious! And then, to have the O Jays come out and sing Love Train was too much fun. The crowd was exuberant and extremely good-natured given that we were packed in shoulder-to-shoulder in true standing-room-only fashion (I've been to most major events on the Mall for the last 20 years, including other rallies, concerts and inauguration celebrations but I have never, ever seen it so jam packed).

Getting home on the Metro Love Train was kind of fun, too, in a crazy, can-barely-breathe way. The car was packed far past capacity, but people made jokes, laughed loudly and even gave up their seats for seniors, so it was somehow poignant. The mood of the day was definitely: Be Nicer People. And we were, all 250,000+ of us.

What an amazingly great day. Happy Halloween Everyone!

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