Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cleveland Park Day a Hit--Especially on a Day When Your Power Is Restored

Balloon fun with the Clowning Kopffs
In what we can only hope will be the beginning of a long-running annual tradition, Cleveland Park Day on Saturday turned out to be a fine event for the whole family, just as promised, fair weather and all.. 

A big thank you to all the organizers, volunteers, participants, visitors, and charmingly well-behaved kids and pets who made the day possible -- with a special shout-out to the DC Fire Department, who not only successfully maneuvered one of their biggest hook-and-ladder trucks through the narrow driveway of the Park 'n' Shop to show off their equipment to local kids, but who also did a magnificent job on Friday cordoning off the downed wires and protecting residents in the immediate aftermath of the fallen tree on Newark that caused the outage.

We're also glad to report that Pepco crew members worked throughout the night to replace six telephone poles on Newark Street and restring the power lines so that Cleveland Park residents could go off to today's festivities secure in the knowledge that their homes were back on the grid.

Many offerings from Spices
Here are some more scenes from Cleveland Park Day, in case you missed it.
Tackle Box will open in early 2011
Statehood supporters' table
Pres. & Mrs. Cleveland (a/k/a John Chelen & Judy Hubbard)
Tasty treats from Yes

Sampling Indique


  1. The pictures are great. It looks like many had a marvelous time. I am sorry to have missed it but Cairo is holding my attention at the moment. Here's support for a continuing event!
    Ted Thomas

  2. Why no wide shots showing the size of the crowd?

  3. Kudos to the Fire Department for the tours of the hook and ladder truck and the fire station. It was great!