Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DC DMV Sending Out Incorrect Car Registration Suspension Notices

Update: Jordan commenting below points us to the DMV's website, which says that if you received that notice dated 10/11/10, you can ignore it. To verify that your vehicle is registered enter your license plane number here.

Three members of the Cleveland Park Listserv reported yesterday evening that they received letters from the DC Department of Motor Vehicles stating that their car's registration has been suspended because of unverified insurance information. In addition, these letters said that the a warning letter, sent 30 days before, had been ignored. In our experience when two listserv members report exactly the same thing on the same day, that's the proverbial canary in a coal mine: Something appears to be wrong at the DMV.

The advice from the DMV (one list member called) is to fax a letter of explanation along with a copy of the DMV letter and proof of insurance (which could be your insurance card) to 202-673-9908. The DMV will send a "clearance letter" to you.

Here are excerpts from these two messages:
I just came home to a letter from the D.C. DMV Insurance Services stating that my car registration has been suspended as of 10/10 (today is 10/19) due to my not having sufficiently verified my insurance information, and apparently ignoring a warning letter 30 days ago.
I have been insured the entire time and am certain that I never received such a letter. According to this letter, I will have to pay a $150 fee plus a $98 reinstatement fee, and I must go down to the DMV to do so. Not to mention that I will apparently receive up to a $300 fine and 30 days in jail for driving an "unregistered" vehicle! This is outrageous, as I am insured by a reputable insurer, have been for years, and never received a first notice.
I, too, got the identical letter today, stating that my registration was suspended as of 10/10, because I have not "sufficiently verified your insurance information and you have not paid the applicable fine for any lapse in your insurance coverage." It also says that I received a pending suspension notice 30 days ago.
I received no notice, my USAA insurance has been in place for years, and is currently paid up and effective to January 21, 2011. 

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  1. There is an alert on their website that explains what happened.